Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Driving impessions of RTABS

I have had some time living with the Rogue RTAB's I figured I would write up a few of my impressions.

When I realized I had gotten the race bushings I was a bit concerned that the ride quality would be hurt, however after putting about 2-3k miles on them I have some good news to report. While if I were to do it again I would probably buy the street version the blue ones aren't bad riding. I wouldn't say there was any increased road noise, however it is a bit harsher in some limited circumstances. It is still pretty smooth most of the time and on the highway however when you hit a bump at slower speeds it definitely feels stiffer. The ONLY time I feel it hurts the ride are the sharp slow speed bumps, its definitely not bad enough where I have any thoughts of switching back to stock.

The other big question is: Do they squeek?!?!?!
I was really worried about this as well, and when I went and pushed on my trunk it did! I was beyond mad. Funny thing was it wasn't doing it at all when I was driving... After a little more investigation (and pushing on the fender instead) it was my trunk squeaking when I pushed down on it! Feeling stupid but relieved it has remained quiet ever since. If there are any updates with squeaking I will post it up here, but it seems that the lube I used is holding up well and the grease traps are doing there job.

On to the fun part, the handling. It has definitely made a noticeable difference. Its not transformative however the car is definitely more planted and feels more composed over many different type of situations. The car just feels more solid and less 'squirmy'. For the cost I would definitely recommend it as a DIY. The only downside is I would recommend an alignment (although mine wasn't horribly off when I got it re-aligned) this means shop time which I hate. 8/10

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